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Hey Everyone! Jessica from JessLove Designs here!

This is my first blog here on my new website so I am so excited to share a little inside info about my small business I’ve created! I started lettering back in January of 2016, and haven’t put down a pen since. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with letters, shapes, colors and patterns! I get inspiration in my daily life from the world around me, and love going back home and incorporating that into my projects. I’m self taught and have mainly learned from watching different calligraphy Instagram videos. I’m so happy to have found this amazing hand lettering community and so glad that I can be apart of it!

My main focus as of last May has been decorating graduation cap toppers for graduates. I can’t even begin to describe how amazing this has been. This actually isn’t something I planned to get involved with at all, believe it or not! I had someone message me on Instagram one day, asking me if I could decorate their cap. Not going to lie, I was hesitant at first! It seemed like something that would be a lot of pressure, especially since back then I had decided to do it directly on the cap! That meant no mess ups allowed, and was a one shot type of project that I had one chance to get right. I decided to give it a go, and that was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Looking back now, I think that is the day this whole small business thing of mine really got started!

These caps are all custom made by me. Hand lettered and hand painted with tons of love, time, and hard work! I cut each card-stock to size, cut the button hole, sketch it out and then finally get to paint! I use paint pens, and acrylic paint on each cap to bring these designs to life. Each costumer gets to pick the quote and design and pick all their favorite colors!

I LOVE that the process is so in-depth and personal to each individual costumer. It is a long process, but so worth it once they receive their cap! Having costumers email me after or leave reviews with their thanks and appreciation makes all of this so worthwhile and meaningful to me. Receiving photos of their caps on their special day warms my heart, and is still so crazy to me! I never would have thought that one day I would have people wearing my art and lettering! Perseverance and risk taking is everything!

Through this whole cap process, I get to meet so many amazing people and hear their stories about how they have arrived at where they are. It is so inspiring to hear how much people have overcome and achieved with hard work and dedication. The fact that I get to add something special to their already amazing day is an incredible feeling and I feel so blessed that I get to do that! So if anyone reading this has ever graduated from anything, whether that be high school, college or any program…. Congrats!

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