My Story 

Hello! My name is Jessica Rico, and I am the creator of JessLove Designs. I am located in the Southern California area, and am a self-taught Modern Calligrapher! From a young age I have always loved the look of letters and trying to make my writing as nice as possible!  4 years ago I started following a bunch of letterers on instagram and got hooked at how beautiful it all was! 

I decided to practice and start my own instagram to share my journey and my love of lettering. That led me to starting my own business called JessLove Designs in 2016! I started selling signs and handwritten quotes on etsy :) 

I got asked to do a graduation cap that March of 2016 and I have been hooked ever since! I have completed over 1000 graduation caps for students over the country and a few across seas as well! I love being able to make something special for someone on their already special day! 

In the future I want to continue to make as many caps as possible and also get more into the wedding side of calligraphy as well!